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  • John Roehrig

    Erik is the best surgeon I am my family have ever worked with. He is a perfectionist AND will fight for the best care for you! Glad he's in our corner! John Roehrig

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  • Mark Acierno

    I WISH I could still see Dr Stark, but my health insurance changed & Dr Stark does not take my new insurance. :( (shoulder surgery) Mark Acierno

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  • John Gothard

    I have spent a lot of hours with Dr. Stark and his staff. I have to say, his staff worked HARD with my insurance to get me approved for further work. Dr. Stark is not there to hold your hand! He is there to work! Maybe that is why some of these people gave him bad reviews. If you have knee issues, he is a great doctor.John Gothard

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  • Renee Nay Carter

    Professional conservative with patience.Renee Nay Carter

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  • Pain free and loving it...

    Pain free and loving it...

    Dear Dr. Erik Stark,

    I hope you did not have a deafening ringing ear moment this weekend, but I had write and explain why if you did.

    As you may or may not remember, you repaired both my knees over this past year due to medial meniscus tears. Well, I am back to playing baseball (centerfield) and with that said, had one of the best defensive games in three years all due to my knees being pain free. I was able to chase down and catch three balls hit in the gaps. I threw two men out on the base paths; one at third base and the other out was made at home plate.

    Upon making my third catch, I saved our game by not letting the go ahead run score…closing out the inning. In all the excitement of catching the ball, I yelled out…”Thank you Doctor Stark!!!!!” We ended up winning the game the next inning, 8 to 7.

    From the bottom of my heart, I am so thankful to you and your fine staff for all that you do. It’s great to be back on baseball field again and at 47, even a more cherished memory at that.

    Thanks you so much Doctor Stark! Jason Perales

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