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  • Buzzoid

    I'm 2 weeks out from my full right knee replacement surgery. The expertise and care from Dr. Stark and his entire staff has been amazing. THANK YOU! Buzzoid

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  • Todd Chezum

    Great at what you're there to see him for. I see other posts about his personality that are not too favorable.. Does it really matter? he's an excellent surgeon and very confident. Isn’t that what you want from someone that is going to put you under and fix you? I want the best, not a buddy. He’s the best, and he’s doing my left shoulder in a couple months. Todd Chezum

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  • Carolyn Dunn

    I'm very pleased with how efficient the staff is, although there seemed to be a problem with fax numbers in the beginning. Scheduled for knee surgery in Feb and it seems everything is in order. Dr. Stark is amazing. Carolyn Dunn

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  • John Vaughan-Chaldy

    After two knee surgeries, including a replacement I am now having Dr. Stark do my shoulder and both hands. He is sharp. listens and I am confident in his care. John Vaughan-Chaldy

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  • Greggory Park

    Dr. Stark is a talented and passionate surgeon who delivers the best outcome possible even in very difficult cases. I am very pleased with the entire experience. Great staff, scheduling, transparency, and results! Greggory Park

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