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Dr. Stark is an extremely knowledgeable doctor and a skillful surgeon, and I would highly recommend him to anyone facing orthopaedic surgery. I injured my knee skiing in January 2016, complete MCL and PCL ruptures. After consulting with several doctors, I decided on Dr. Stark, and I am so glad I did.

The entire staff is wonderful, from the front office to the medical assistants to the surgical staff, and Dr. Stark was very positive and proactive in approaching my case.  I liked that he considered various options and scenarios in my care, and that he did not rush into surgery.  Allowing me to try to self-heal and do some PT prior to surgery assured me that surgery was indeed necessary, and Dr. Stark carefully weighed the surgical options before the actual operation.  I also appreciate that Dr. Stark saw that it was imperative to return me to an active lifestyle, as he seems to enjoy an active lifestyle himself.

My surgery was 7 months ago, in November 2016 – 10 months after the injury itself.  It was an intensive procedure with a long recovery, from being locked in extension for 6 weeks post-surgery, through many months of physical therapy (still ongoing), to finally being able to resume normal activities.  Although I am not back to full range of motion yet, my knee is feeling strong and stable and the prognosis is great.  Dr. Stark is positive I will get there in time (with options for intervention if necessary), and has assured me he will follow my case for the duration.

Although I enjoy fitness and leading an active lifestyle, I am not an athlete. However, I feel that Dr. Stark has treated me like one, with the same end-goal expectations he would one of his athlete patients. I appreciate this very much, as well as the positivity, confidence and encouragement he has shown along the way. Lisa K.

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